Headline Series


Jun - 2017

A video canvas with the impact of a Billboard, XtrackTV leaves an impact on its daily 4 million strong audience base

Dwell Time
Dwell Time

Average 6.5 mins waiting on XtrackTV platforms leaves plenty of time to engage


73% say that XtrackTV screens capture their attention

'Me' moments
'Me' moments

Between the daily chaos above ground, 45% of people say they are planning personal tasks / shopping / life admin chores on the platform.


Delving into the behaviours of the XtrackTV and rail audiences. This  study strives to discover the opportunities available to advertisers to engage and interact with the rail audience.

Methodology: By analysing the behaviours and interests of the rail commuter we sought to prove they are a lucrative audience able to be targeted within the rail environment. Drawing on a variety of rail specific research databases such as Nielsen and a live client case study, we drew conclusions on brand impression, reach and recall.  

Results: This latest Headline Series has proved XtrackTV is a powerful platform for advertisers. Due to the dwell time, mindset and receptivity of the commuter, the rail environment has provided strong results for advertising recall.

With the typical commuter always looking for entertaining distractions, the results saw XtrackTV deliver on their need for ‘instant gratification on the go’. Social, music, sport, fashion, entertainment and travel featured highly as advertisements that commuters would engage with. XtrackTV has such a strong impact that 47% of surveyed commuters have taken action in response to what they viewed.

Further strengthening the rail environment, the study revealed audiences felt positive towards the brand when viewed on XtrackTV. The non-intrusive nature of the advertising platform contributed largely to the positive response, making the brand ‘standout’ in the consumers mind.  

The ‘second screen’ campaign capabilities of XtrackTV also proved to be an effective way to reach audiences and reinforce brand messaging; further reinforcing the synergy between Mobile and Outdoor.

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