Landmark research


Aug - 2015

A landmark research piece that asks the who, the why and the what about Transit.


A deep dive into real people in their real, every day environment - analysing the interaction with Transit as a media and their attitudes towards media at large. 

Using a mixture of ethnography, quantitative analysis of over 1000 respondents and eye tracking to measure engagement, #myrealworld looks into peoples everyday routines, how they interact with media, the role of Transit and how this relates to brands. 


Key statistics

0 hrs

On average, people are spending over 17 hours a week travelling outside.

0 %

said their time spent outside had increased over the past 12 months


Transit is number 1 for recall in Outdoor



You see it on your street, in your train, on you journey – it’s part of your everyday and your #realworld.

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