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Nov - 2017

A distribution platform for your TV and video content in an environment conducive to engagement and action

Full Motion Video
Full Motion Video

Directional Sound
Directional Sound

Quality LED Screens
Quality LED Screens


As the rise of content continues, so too do the ways we consume it. 

Advertisers face an increasingly fierce fight for attention as audiences flick, skip and block their way through this busy media landscape.

The rail environment provides a unique opportunity to interact and engage audiences in key captive moments... between chaos and calm.  Sitting outside the noisy media landscape... XtrackTV offers welcome stimulation.

XtrackTV is a national standalone and incremental reach vehicle capturing millions of highly frequent, hard to reach audiences on a platform proven to drive impact and action.  

With a powerful mixture of contextual factors, our research reinforces that brands active on XtrackTV generate high cut through, drive consideration, and action.

XtrackTV - driving impact and reach for your multi-screen campaign.

Bespoke content opportunities blurring the lines between advertising & entertainment

Key statistics

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Average dwell time for XtrackTV platforms is 6.5 minutes

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A frequent audience, train commuters catch this mode of transport on average 5X per week

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Have taken action as a result of XtrackTV (44% did so on their mobile phone while on the platform)



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